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The mission of this team to reach out to the members of the Calvary Baptist Church family who are no longer able to attend activities and services at the church facility. It’s very easy to feel disconnected from your church family when you are no longer able to attend. This team ministers in different ways to these beloved saints reminding them they are still an essential part of Calvary Baptist Church.

Message : “You remain an important part of our lives. Let us help you”

Spiritual Giftsof Team Members: Administration, encouragement, healing, intercession, mercy



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This team leads the church in visiting members that are hospitalized, having outpatient surgery or are taking part in short-term rehabilitation. This team provides for special needs one may have during a stay in the hospital. They also work with the church office to keep track of those staying in the hospital.

Message: “You are not alone or forgotten in this time of crisis and healing.”

Spiritual Gifts of Team Members: Administration, encouragement, faith, healing, helps, intercession, mercy



Pic 1This team serves the needs of members who have lost family members to death. When a member of Calvary Baptist Church loses a family member, this team reaches out to offer a helping hand and spiritual support during their time of need.

Message: “You are not alone in the shadow of your loss, we walk with you.”

Spiritual Gifts of Team Members:
 Administration, encouragement, faith, helps, intercession, mercy



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This team focuses their attention of the welcoming of our guests who attend the various programs and services here at Calvary. This team collects information from guests and follows up with contacts. The goal of this team is to make sure our guests feel welcome and that they are aware of the ministry we aim to accomplish at Calvary Baptist Church. This team makes a continued connection with those who have shown an interest in becoming part of our Church Family.

Message: “Welcome, come in, let’s grow in Christ together”

Spiritual Gifts of Team Members: Administration, encouragement, helps, hospitality



Pic 1Prayer Shawl Ministry Description : As this team learns of prayer needs (healing, comfort, celebration), team members will bring prayer shawls, made by fellow believers, to the church to be “prayed over” and then given to individuals for whom they´re intended.

Message : “Today I spoke with God about you. May this prayer shawl be a visible reminder of our caring thoughts and prayers for you”

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, encouragement, faith, helps, hospitality, mercy, creative communication

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