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Who We Are

Calvary Baptist


Calvary Baptist Church is a caring community of believers in Christ, welcoming all who want to join with us on a journey with God through worship, prayer, Bible study, music, and service to others, moving toward Christ-like wholeness.


Our mission as Calvary Baptist Church is to be an intentional fellowship reaching out for Christ, collectively and as individuals, through proclamation, ministry, and care for people in our neighborhood, the Roanoke Valley, and beyond.


As Calvary Baptist Church, we are a moderate Baptist congregation valuing God as central to our lives; the Bible as our guide for living like Jesus; the Priesthood of All Believers as expressing the individual importance of faith;  Prayer as our conversation with God; Worship as inspired by the Holy Spirit; Missions as touching others with God’s love; Music as uplifting our hearts; People as God’s unique creation; Community as open to all; and Growth through learning and service.

Revised by Mission, Vision Values Team, April 5, 2015


Calvary is affiliated with three national organizations, a state and a local association of Baptist churches.  Click below to learn more about each.

Roanoke Valley Baptist Association (local)

Baptist General Association of Virginia (state)

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (national)

American Baptist Churches-USA (national)

Alliance of Baptists (national)


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